The Arctic Flow – Sunbathing/Stargazing EP

I know it wasn’t long ago that I wrote about The Arctic Flow. Back in November I wrote about one of the singles off the new EP, “Sunbathing/Stargazing.” It was a lovely track, wasn’t it? Well, the EP has finally been released!

Let me refresh your memory by quoting the adorable description listed on The Arctic Flows’ bandcamp page: “One boy on the beach, flying his kite in the summer breeze. The Arctic Flow is Brian Hancheck, the boy in question. Creating songs of love, loss, joy and sadness.” I think that’s the perfect summation of this solo project, bursting with references to the sea, summer, love and loss.


The new EP, “Sunbathing/Stargazing,” not only met my expectations but effortlessly exceeded them. The first opening lines of “It was a long cold winter and our lips were frozen. And we forgot all the promises that we made last Summer” instantly made me forget about the 2 feet of snow currently outside of my window. Instead, I’m dreaming of leisurely summer days to come. “Isle of Palms,” the single I wrote about in my previous post, is a strong opener. After so many listens, I still wish it was longer! “Bright Summer Days” is full of bright guitars and overflowing with melancholy while “You Never Will” is characteristic of those charming vocals I’ve grown to love. The EP continues on so naturally, packed with songs I wish I had written. The same elements I’ve grown to appreciate in previous releases by The Arctic Flow are still present, but the overall sound seems more mature and refined. It’s a positive and strong step forward for the band. The EP ends quite aptly with Brian singing to us “And this is the last song I will sing to you. And this is the last song I will sing.”

I think one of the reasons why I love indiepop as much as I do is because it allows anyone to connect with the community so easily. It may be a common stereotype that most indiepop fans are nice people, but that’s only been proved to me time and time again. Brian Hancheck is one of those sincere, friendly people. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again, but Brian is also an incredibly talented musician. Those combined elements make me want to support him all the more.

“Sunbathing/Stargazing” is now available via Shiny Happy Records or The Arctic Flow bandcamp page. Fellow US pop fans, don’t succumb to those shipping costs just yet – rumor has it the EP will be carried Stateside very soon!



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