Best of 2013

I can’t recall how many “best of 2013” lists I’ve seen by now. Each one has been full of releases that I, too, have loved this year. I’ve been working on my own list of sorts for the February Records webzine, but decided against a list of my favorite albums for that. I have something a bit more personal in the works.

This was actually quite difficult to narrow down because we all know how enthusiastic I can be, but I think this list is a pretty good representation of my year. I excluded any February Records bands because, well, I’m obviously a bit biased.

In random order:

Best Albums
Sweet Baboo – Ships
Wild Honey – Big Flash
The Spook School – Dress Up
The Ocean Blue – Ultramarine
Math and Physics Club – Our Hearts Beat Out Loud
The Proctors – Everlasting Light
Fear of Men – Early Fragments
The Felt Tips – Symbolic Violence
Just Handshakes – Say It
The Mary Onettes – Hit the Waves

 Best Songs
“Honest” – Goodly Thousands
“What A Day” – The Death of Pop
“Greetings from Paris” – Northern Portrait
“Helen of Troy” – Pale Spectres
“Black Tambourine” – Withered Hand
“Everybody Knows (I’m Still In Love With You)” – The Yearning
“Erika K” – The Understudies
“Shut” – Colour Me Wednesday
“Just a Pup” – The Very Most
“Weightless” – Funeral Advantage


3 thoughts on “Best of 2013

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