The Swapsies – Heather

I’m obviously a bit biased when it comes to The Swapsies. We were lucky enough to release their last single on February Records and, during that time and since it’s release, I’ve come to know how kind, genuine, and sincere these four Liverpudlians are. Not to mention talented musicians who deserve every nice thing said about them.0002111892_10

There will be even more Swapsies-related material coming from Feb Recs in the near future, but prior to that happening the band was going to self-release their next EP. And now they have! Today Andy sent me a nice e-mail and included the mp3s to the new EP, entitled “Sparrows.” The physical EP is a bit more special. It comes with a lovely little zine called “Feathered Migrants,” made by Young Explorer, telling the story of the EP’s title track. The packaging is adorable, everything all wrapped up in twine.

The songs themselves are still wonderful, in case you had any doubts. The first bright, jangly notes of “Heather” had already solidified it for me during my first listen. If I’m correct in my assumption (and from the bit of information I read of the EP from the band’s blog, Lovelypool), this track was recorded as part of Mello Mello’s fundraising event. Was it originally called “(Not The) 70th Love Song”? Perhaps one of The Swapsies will straighten me out! In any case, I’ve been playing this song on and off while at work on this cold, rainy December night and it’s been cheering me up exponentially. Go listen and, for only £4, buy a copy for yourself! It’s all available on The Swapsies’ bandcamp page.



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